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Star Wars Saga – May the Force be with You

starwarsFor one week after the 1st January, Sky Cinema opened a channel trasmitting only the six Star Wars movies in loop. What better situation to watch them all if you have never done it before? And so here I am, commenting the “experience”. It’s the second time, after writing on my Alien Marathon, I use my blog to review a series of film, and of course I do it here mainly because they are both cases of sci-fi movies milestones, with 25 or more years of history behind them and millions of fans all over the world. If for Alien I decided to take on a Marathon of 8h20′ minutes with my friends, for Star Wars I didn’t chose this way, because I didn’t have time and because I didn’t want to. So it took me 10 days to watch all the six movies. It’s still cool to watch for one week all the films of a series, but it’s certainly not as cool as watching all together. Anyway, here I am. After concluding yesterday morning the vision of the ‘Return of the Jedi’ I took some moments to one of my favourite activities when I get really into something: starting to understand everything about it, be it possible or not. In fact what most has always fascinated me on this epic stories through time and space, settled in strange worlds, like the ones of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ or ‘One Piece’, or in immense galaxies, as in this case, is to know what happened before, or everything about the characters and why are in a situation at the beginning of what is shown to us, even if it’s completely useless to the purpose of understanding it, at least not plainly. But you know, how is cool to know that the Jedi’s order was born in the year 25.000 BBY, that stands for Before Battle Yavi, and that from that year there has been at least 5 great splits by Jedis who surrendered to the Dark Side of the Force? #Priceless. In fact in the past day and a half I’ve read I don’t know how many pages on Wikipedia and Wookiepedia, one of the many encyclopaedias on the Star Wars universe, to understand that all. Regarding the ‘Lord of the Rings’, I also decided, at the time, to flog myself with ‘The Silmarillion’, one of the most useless and boring reads of all the times that explains perfectly the story of the World in which the Middle Earth is positioned, from the creation by the Valahars to the times right before the arrival of Saruman and the forge of the Rings of Power. The worce thing of this is that, also when I am not completely into the franchise/cartoon I have watched, I will enter that status in no time, because you start reading one page, then another, then another again, and then you are done. So, after this very long intro, I can start with the real ‘Star Wars’ part of this article. Like for the other time, you can find all the six different reviews on my Flixster page, while here I will just point out some thoughts I had on the films. First of all, there is a big decision to make when you approach for the first time this big franchise: chronological order or classical order? The first one is better if you don’t want any spoiler to ruin you the savour of watching every movie in total ignorance of what happened before and to end with the best two movies, the second one if you don’t want to go from a mid 2000’s movie to a mid 1970’s one with all that goes behind, like poorer CGI, worst action and slowler rythm. I decided to go for the first one, although I knew more or less the story, and having watched the remastered version of the episodes IV, V and VI I can say that I wasn’t disturbed at all by the technical gap between the two trilogies, except for the light sabour duels, that were really bad in episodes IV and V, with slight improvements already shown in episode VI. As everyone pointed out, the Prequel Trilogy is far from being at the same level of the Classic Trilogy. Especially thedarthvader first part of chapter I is in fact something that doesn’t do any good to the fame of the franchise. Poor plot, the consistency of a child movie, some characters that most of the fan base at least  didn’t like, no character development at all. As you prefer, you can chose any critics that probably has been made to the movie, you will probably find it right. And I perfectly agreed with them, even before knowing of their existence, and without being a fan of the saga. I completely disliked, for example, the character of Jar Jar Binx, I found it useless and put it there just to make fun of it. With the story going on something changed, but only a bit, with a nice final with the Naboo battle. The only memorable moment was the Podracers race, that I enjoyed a lot but that remained something apart from the rest of the movie. Then came episide II, a slight improvement, with the first space battles and some hilarious moments between Obi-Wan and Anakin, especially during the execution before the final battle on Genossis. This is in my opinion the best chapter of the new trilogy, just because episode III seems to much piloted to the end, that seems to arrive to where it arrives not naturally. Emotionally, though, the ‘Revenge of the Sith’ is better than the two films that preceded it. princesseleiaThe Classic Trilogy is, as stated also by its name, classic. It’s better of the first one because you watch it and you feel that everything is older, but in a good way. Has a lot of small things that in the prequels are not present, explanations of the Jedi philosophy, or of the teachings that a Jedi has to make his in order to become a Jedi Knights that cannot be present in the other movies, because it’s supposed that who is watching already knows them, and it doesn’t matter if technically you feel the difference and you see that some of the creatures are just men with masks, or animals disguised, and that the duels with the light sabours seem some fence matches of thirty years ago. You accept it, also because they shows how it is possible to make great sci-fi action movies with nearly no special effects at all, except, by the way, the death of Obi-Wan, that is something obscene also for the times. I thought for at least two hours that he had just teleported somewhere else. Imagine, for example, the final battle on Endor: it’s totally epic, and the only special effect visible there are the lazers shoot from the ‘tanks’ of the Empire. Attention, I don’t want to say they are good movies only because of this. They are great movies also for everything else, although they are not, and probably they will never be, some of my favourite movies. Regarding the characters, I decided to chose my favourite character for each trilogy: in the prequel trilogy is Anakin Skywalker, also after his surrender to the Dark Side, because I always had a predilection for villains, and Princess Leia in the Classic Trilogy. I think she would be the kind of woman I would like to live with. She is beautiful, smart, she is able to fight, not only metaphorically, for what she wants until she obatins it (I know I can be masochist at times, but what can I do for it?) and I secretely hate Han Solo because in the end he is the one who conquers her heart Anyway, our journey has ended, or at least, it would have been ended at this point until a year and a half ago. Yes, because, as you surely know, LucasFilm Ltd has been recently sold to Walt Disney Pictures, that has planned a complete renovation of the franchise with the creation of, at least, a new trilogy, that George Lucas has confirmed or denied alternatively for the last 30 years. Well, now it’s sure that it will arrive on our screens from the 18th December 2015, together with 3 confirmed spin offs on some of the characters that appeared in the first six movies, one of which already confirmed and exiting on the cinemas probably on 2016 will be on Bobba Fett, the bounty hunter killed by Luke Skywalker in episode VI. Nothing on the script is known at the time I’m writing, and the only certain thing  is that J.J. Abrams will direct the new trilogy, with the support of George Lucas himself. Some rumors states that at least one between Harrison Ford (Han Solo), Carrie Fisher (Princes Leia) and Mark Hamil (Luke Skywalker) has signed for an appearance in the new episodes, while it seems that Michael Fassbender (‘Shame’ and the last ‘X-Men’) and Hugo Weaving (‘The Lord of the Rings’, ‘V for Vendetta’ but especially ‘The Matrix’) will be part of the new cast, but no one has yet confirmed them. The cast seems able to maintain the level of the franchise, but, despite that, will the story be at that level and be able not to worcen and engulf this already crowded world? I have an opinion, and it’s not for good, but who knows? Until then, ‘May the Force be with You!’



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